I made this during my first semester of my Interactive Media Design program (November 2016). It was for a contest outside of school (I think it was a Shopify contest for an internship). We haven’t really gone into UX and UI principles in detail at this point in our program, but I wanted to give it a shot, using whatever skills I had in Photoshop and Illustrator.
The objective was to create a some sort of lifestyle app, with 3-4 screens, and a website mockup. I came up with “Parallel”, which would be a tool to set goals, monitor productivity, and just an all-around tool that helps keep all aspects of your life in line.
I found a free Photoshop toolkit for iPhone screens and its UI (like the status bar and headers), and started from there.
After gaining a little more experience in UX.UI, I have a few questions for the 2016 version of me, like why was there a need for a burger menu when there are already tab icons at the bottom of the app screens? Were there more features that would be in the burger menu instead of the bottom? Are those icons a standard size for that device’s UI? Didn’t you feel like this app was trying to cover a little too much? Why didn’t you stick to just a scheduling app, or a sleep monitoring app, a mood tracker, or app usage tracker?
I could have spent a little more time mindmapping, wireframing, and refining. I guess this is why they say that hindsight is always 20/20.
I didn’t win the contest. I do remember receiving an email encouraging me to continue with my studies.
I still like including this in my portfolio, even if I created this as a newbie. The UX/UI design may not be great, but, composition-wise, I am still pleased with how this mockup ended up as a whole.
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