After an introduction to Adobe Photoshop and six weeks into my first year as an Interactive Media Design student, we were to have a complete redesign and mockup of an existing website’s homepage. My choice was IMDb.
Naturally, I turned to my sketchbook first and drew pages upon pages of possible layouts (read: boxes).
Once I had come up with a design I felt comfortable with, I opened Adobe Photoshop and got to work.
There were quite a few challenges, as it was my first time creating a mockup. Firstly, I felt like my original plan for the search function placement wasn’t working – specifically with the Power Rangers movie poster that I had chosen to be the backdrop (see below) . I created alternate versions and showed them to our instructor for feedback.
The feedback: Move the search function to the side, and use the horizon line of the image to my advantage and create balance. With that advice, I added “links” to watch a movie trailer, and balanced both elements along the horizon line (below).
There was a similar issue with balance with the bottom of the page. The last row of content was placed from least dense in content to the most dense (left to right), and the footer, including the social media icons, just didn’t feel right. So I rearranged the content and spent some time for trial and error to find a balance that I would be happy with (see bottom).

(sorry for the terrible tiny thumbnail-size image)
After some finishing touches, here it is!
This was a great challenge – not just to get myself more comfortable with Adobe Photoshop, but with getting acquainted with the design process. I am so happy with how this turned out!
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