The end of the animation (the actual book cover), should look like anything but any existing "The Night Circus" covers. So, as always, the process started with some sad (but helpful) sketching and story boarding. I should mention that I had a series of sketches before this as well with a totally different plan that involved using circus tents with 3D cameras on After Effects, but after some feedback and suggestions from my professor, it felt like this was the cleaner, more elegant way to go.
In terms of colour, I only planned on using black, white, and some gray, just as the book had described.
Hours of turning these sketches into reality using Adobe After Effects followed. 
With the help of masking, stroke effects, gradients, and particle effects, I was very happy with how this turned out!
While I didn't plan on using any blues, it just felt like something was missing from the end product when I used just black, so I added in there as a gradient - and I think it added a little umph, visually.
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