My background in design and web development began way before I became an Interactive Media Design student. It was always a hobby and personal passion, even during my days as an Accounting student. I still believe that my passion for numbers and information organization – and my belief that your stakeholders shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to access information & features about your organization - still exists, but, as part of my even larger passion, which is design. 

Currently, I am the Marketing & Brand Coordinator for the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Organization. Prior to starting my role at the CVCA, I was the Communications & Digital Media Coordinator at Angel Investors Ontario.
As a Freelance Branding & Creative Consultant, I have been part of an array projects, from rebranding initiatives and developing brand messaging, to designing marketing collateral, to creating responsive websites for professionals and their businesses, to merchandise design, to social media & digital strategy development and management.
Clients include:
- MediSeen
- The Vinetta Project
- 1853 Capital
- KN Therapy
- Zoe Klein, M.Ed MSW
- Farmer's Pantry Foods
- Leslieville Cheese Market
- The Cultural Curator
- Boss Insights

If you’d like to learn more about me, please reach out via email (
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